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Column 24: Winter 2018

As has been somewhat normal, the first three months of a year begets a drought of music videos. But this year, if you ask me, there will be a fair amount of vids vying for attention, more so than usual.

The industry dumped a bucket full of vids to end the year: JAY-Z, seemingly making a video album of his 4:44, has come out with four new vids, including Family Feud with Beyoncé.

Other vids out are LOVE. by Kendrick Lamar, Hey Hey Hey, Katy Perry, The Weekend, SZA, Björk, and Eminem.

Indie vids tend to populate the media landscape in the beginning of a year, but expect a few pop vids to drop from here until March, after which a more regular schedule is put into place.

2017 was a pretty good year for mv, expect even more from 2018 — thanks, in large part, to the influence of Youtube and tech.