The Academy of Music Video

Column Two: What Have We Learned

by Kevin F Holy

In these first two weeks of the site, what have we learned.

The music video industry is aimed mainly towards people age 14-25. The "oldest" act featured here is NKOTB: New Kids, who target this set, but also aim something towards their fans of old, and to people of all ages.

They're the least avant-garde of the videos we've seen. The most is arguably Actress' 'X22RME'.

What is the purpose of the avant-garde? To push boundaries? Sure. To create new ways of seeing things? Start trends? While New Kids are important to music video history, which I'd argue is a forward-looking genre of film, they are much more popular than the avant-garde traditionally has been.

Is it important for people of a certain stature to explore further the boundaries of their craft? Certainly it's not a mandate, and it shouldn't be, but popular folks (Jason Derulo, the Weeknd, even Bruno) have used their recent videos to find new areas of music video/music; while the New Kids, important to MTV history, and to millions of women's and little girl's hearts - and some men, naturally - aren't interested in new visuals as much as staying to the formula.

Kevin F Holy