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Column 14: Edit

by Kevin F Holy

Editing. It's dull, but it can turn a poorly-directed video into a masterwork.

Take Wyclef Jean ed Ryan Staake and Eric Degliomini for Young Thug:

Staake and Degliomini's work won in 2017 because they turned that sh*t out.

Not only that, but Thug was a really good sport for letting it promote.

Bad editing is (surprisingly) not that uncommon.

Director/editor Jarrett Fijal saved Jake Nava's surprisingly dull Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (for Beyoncé) and turned it supernova.

Another well-edited dud, Express Yourself landed in VMA land.

Props to the UK for producing some of the best-edited vids of the past 30+ years.


Kevin F Holy