The Academy of Music Video

Column Seven: Terrorism

by Kevin F Holy

We don't talk about terrorism, but maybe there should be some discussion on its impact. Arguably the largest terrorist event was 9/11 here in America. The music world has had two acts of terrorism (in the 21st century): the Bataclan attack, and the one in Manchester.

Our hearts are forever touched by these horrific and deeply horrendous, insane threats, which are becoming more common. Even after Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester benefit concert offered some healing - and one can't pray enough for Miss Grande and the families of the victims of terror - the music world doesn't offer much solution to these acts.

After 9/11, there were videos vaguely about the new wave of terror: New York Cares, Fall of Antioch, and a bunch of country videos which paid tribute.

Sadly, and maybe this is because videos are a normally commercial 'art,' terrorism isn't brought up. There are documentaries - an upcoming Eagles of Death Metal doc, and the previously mentioned benefit, but our world has mainly been about escapism. With terrorism - both home-grown and "regular," becoming the norm, maybe the world of music video will open itself up to the idea of addressing such a complex topic again.

Kevin F Holy