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Column Ten: Summertime/Winter

by Kevin F Holy

By now you're wondering where are all the great vids. Welcome to late Summer. The song of the summer ("Despacito") has been lit, campfires are burning long and the vids aren't that hoppin. This happens, get used to it. Videos go in phases, and people sometimes wonder if music vid is dead or what, but this is just part of a regular production/promo schedule. My vid of the summer ("Secrets") was made for June, several vids (OJ, Moonlight, 4:44, et al) have been made for JAY Z's 4:44. And now?

Now we wait for around late September, when the school/holiday season begins. Naturally, November/Dec are ok. January-Feb are low times as well. Plan your vacation now.

Don't say mv is dead! It's just part of the schedule.

Kevin F Holy