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Column 25: The Failure of MTV

What smarts the most, being a member of Generation X or the MTV Generation, is the lack of devotion or passion shown by MTV for its music-video fandom. MTV was one of the biggest successes of the Eighties media landscape, after, say, CNN. Many Eighties kids owe their lives to the music video scene of the late Seventies, early Eighties (even the Nineties).

Music video, which is making a rather smooth transition to Youtube and other online portals, was an MTV domain for three clear decades. And while many of us older folk feel hopelessly devoted to the story of Music Television, Youtube is increasingly the place of choice for music video fans young and old.

And that might spell disaster for "our" home channel, whose idea of original and successful programming is MTV's The Challenge and Ridiculousness.

What else does MTV have up its sleeve? The upfronts are in April, and MTV has a long way to prove that it can sustain an audience into the next generation, which is currently high on social media fame (and in Kindergarten).

While many of us viewers thought we'd make it to the White House by now, the crazy and still-angry baby boomers are forcing us to live through a rather disgraceful period, not realizing that they'll all be usurped in a decade. Will MTV go the way of the boomers, or will it revitalize itself? The story continues...