The Academy of Music Video

Column Three: Making Money

by Kevin F Holy

The 2010's haven't seen the finances in music video that other eras have seen.

Taking a look at the list of most expensive videos that Wikipedia has drummed up, one finds that most of them were made in the early to mid 1990's, an era for which songs have been made.

The 2000's were a golden age for independent videos, a trend that continues through today, but the budget for those have levelled off, although interest remains strong. (Granted, it's early in the year, and less videos are made before Spring.)

Curiously, the auteur era may be seeing an end with the loss of these larger budgets. (A Jaron Albertin may be worth, correct me, around $100K, while a BRTHR or Youth Hymns vid may spend closer to $80K.)

While the music industry is seeing a sales rise thanks to streaming, video cash has not, unless you live in Korea, Japan, or, from how I see things, Latin America: all places where big videos get made on the reg.

We'll cover all of that in the coming months, as more videos get made and, by the grace of 'God', released.

Kevin F Holy