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Column 27: Metal

If you ask me, Metallica's "One" is the best metal vid of all 'time.'

Hard rock and metal aren't exactly the same thing: Both splinter into classic, prog, hair, scream, black, dark, etc. Fall Out famously sang about metal breaking hearts, and that is true.

While metal has been kind of making a comeback, it was a huge phenomenon from the late Seventies, spawned in its Satanic glory.

Today it lives in indie and mainstream circles. The last metal vid I found insp. from is Sally by HSY.

Metal dominated the late Eighties until Nirvana punched a whole, 1991.

There were great vids: Nov Rain by GnR, Cherry Pie, We're Not Gonna Take it, Pour Some Sugar on me, Janie's Got a gun, White Wedding: the list goes on.

Metal will live, I swear, online, and in our hearts. Its acts are being inducted into the Rock Hall - slowly.