The Academy of Music Video

Column Five: Inspiration v. Work

by Kevin F Holy

Keeping your fire alive can be hard work. Whether you are just starting, in the middle or towards the end of your career, it's important these days to stay inspired to some degree.

This is important in both your work life and in life in general. Are you going to stay in one place, doing one single thing for the forseeable future? Prepare to get left behind. Branch out, volunteer, invent. Michel Gondry keeps himself busy by doing ads, videos, films, and not sticking to a single thing.

Of course there's no single formula for life - whether you live in America, Africa, or Russia, keeping yourself inspired while doing work is up to you, ultimately.

Sitting around in a café drinking lattes is not going to get you closer to your dreams. Don't become a cliché! Challenge yourself, do stuff that no one else does - within the law, of course.

All of these can be boring platitudes on the surface. Stop watching MTV and go make something of yourself, while you have the opportunity.

Kevin F Holy