The Academy of Music Video

Column Nine: Mental Health

by Kevin F Holy

Directors, especially, run into mental health issues. Fame, uh, money, and the process of creation can, over the years, tear at what got you started. You've got to relax. Find some medicine. Don't get hooked. Be reasonable. Don't think too much about what others want.

Artists need attention too. If you're an artist, mental health can kill. Take time for yourself, if you have money. If you don't, you'll have to kind of grin and work. But don't get lost, and feel free to ask those more experienced for help.

Viewers need good mental health too: And, if you went to college, you'll perhaps know that giving your viewers what they need to live a sane and happy life is part of what makes your work work. Viewers mostly already know the crap Madison Ave shells out, and (shh) older viewers know even more.

I get tired with the oppressive crap that comes across television, and most other viewers think the same.

Part of my being an artist/promoter, and the "fame" that went with it, was almost more than I could handle. My last fame column is now garbage.

I recommend therapy for almost all ppl. But only those with actual issues (like myself) usually seek it.

Kevin F Holy