The Academy of Music Video

Column Six: Drugs

by Kevin F Holy

Let's face it: There's a history. As chronicled here, here, certain drugs have, at least since Yellow Submarine, been associated to a tiny degree with the format.

I'm not a cop, but drugs are not healthy. The legal ones can f*** you up. The illegals do worse. I've never been able to kick my habit, but I try.

Famed 10cc act Godley & Creme were hella "blown" during the Eighties. No real secret.

The Dandy Warhols wrote an anti-heroin letter that resonates, while previous rock stars have célébrated their addiction. Today, drugs are a huge issue that America has yet to tackle well.

While music video has played a part, there's no saying that it has to. I would personally prefer that drugs were not a part of the scene, but it's not healthy to say that they won't, so maybe we (America) can advocate for more drug ed, while providing some resources for those who need to be rehabilitated.

Kevin F Holy