The Academy of Music Video

Column Four: Every Single Day (On Fame)

by Kevin F Holy

Today we'll turn our heads towards the one thing many people seek: mid-level fame. One thing most people in music video people can count on is maybe a smidge of local fame, if not some fame off of the Internet. Will you ever be as famous as directors Michael Bay, David Fincher, or Spike Lee, who are some of Hollywood's most famous directors? Sure: Anything can happen if you are extremely dedicated, and can convince the stars to work with you. Will you make it to DANIELS or Michel Gondry, cult-level fame? Yes! That too is possible.

A lot of this gets into branding, which is where this gets a little cynical and unhip. Sure, you may be the next Francis Lawrence or Sanaa Hamri or Ruben Fleischer - all people who have taken music video and elevated themselves to TV and film, but are you the type of person who wants that?

Music video does not, in and of itself, provide long-lasting careers, unless you are a brilliant cinematographer. And nowadays, with indie videos still making waves, it's the artists who get credit, less the off-camera people.

This isn't permanent, though. We could be seeing a wide spectrum of chaos in a future of non-stop indie (as the empire may or may not be collapsing), or I could be 100% wrong. Whatever happens: if you want to be famous, make sure you not let that be your #1, or you could wind up a hollow shell.

Kevin F Holy