The Academy of Music Video

Column Eight: Cool

by Kevin F Holy

Let's talk about cool. Music video has been 'cool' as long as I've been on Earth. I've had a wonderful uh time charting the ins and outs of music video, sadly, since I was three.

I remember one of the earliest vids I saw: Phil Collins "Against All Odds." Phil Collins is not just one of the godfathers of Eighties cool, he's one of the few cool kind of old white dudes still kicking. The Boomers haven't been cool for maybe thirty years, so.

Cool changes. Quickly. You're cool as a kid, usually, but cool changes as you get older, then suddenly: boom. Cool changes.

When it does: don't lose an ounce of what made you cool. Not that it matters, because no one has to be 'cool' all the time.

Now when it comes to a career, music video is cool enough that you'll need to stay 'with it' for as long as you can: hopefully for the rest of your life, if you're Phil Collins (or Jeff Bridges).

I'll leave you there. And here:

Kevin F Holy