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Column 26: CMT

Country Music Television (and competitor Great American Country) are the purveyors of country music videos, a genre that's not as studied in the annals of music video. Country music can be a very cis-straight affair, which makes it very unwelcoming for those that either don't live in the South or West, or don't like Jesus or happen to be lgbtqia.

I like most country, and the vids aren't dead in the water. From Florida Georgia Line to Shania Twain, Keith Urban to Loretta Lynn, vids made for country artists maybe don't have to be hip, although there occasionally is a crossover vid like Red Solo Cup, Honky Tonk Bedonkedonk, or Achy Breaky Heart to show that country has a sense of humor.

Country doesn't follow your rules, mainly, so as much as someone like myself - a total hipster queen in Georgia - would like a gay-love vid from gay country, those vids aren't happening that much.

Now sit down and eat your potatoes.